Reversing SMART Health Cards

High Level Analysis

Decode QR Code
SMART Health Cards Framework

Analysing the SHC Framework

  1. Create a JWS payload with the patient information.
  2. Sign the JWS.
  3. Transform JWS into a numeric QR.
  4. Generate the QR code.
  • Why are we subtracting 45 to the decimal value of each char?
  • What does .flatMap((c) => [Math.floor(c/10), c % 10]) do?

Writing a decoder

  1. Split all the digits in groups of two characters.
  2. Convert each group to an integer.
  3. Add 45 to retrieve to the original char code
  4. Cast it as a char.

Data Analysis

"entry": [{
"fullUrl": "resource:0",
"resource": {
"resourceType": "Patient",
"name": [{
"family": "Anyperson",
"given": [
"Biggleston III"
"birthDate": "1951-01-20"
'vaccineCode': {
'coding': [{
'system': '',
'code': '207'
"occurrenceDateTime": "2021-01-29",
"performer": [{
"actor": {
"display": "ABC General Hospital"
"lotNumber": "Lot #0000001"





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